The iqvia sensor platform collects and displays allergy, asthma and disease information (based on a U.S. ZIP code) from IQVIA. Data measured includes:

  • Indicies for allergies, asthma and cold/flu indices
  • Trends
  • Current outlook
  • more!

Configuring the Platform

To integrate iqvia into Home Assistant, add the following section to your configuration.yaml file (adjusting the monitored_conditions list to your liking):

  zip_code: "00544"
    - allergy_average_forecasted
    - allergy_index_today
    - allergy_index_tomorrow
    - asthma_average_forecasted
    - asthma_index_today
    - asthma_index_tomorrow
    - disease_average_forecasted
    - disease_index_today

Configuration Variables



The U.S. ZIP code to gather data for (as a quoted string).



The metric types to monitor.


The average forecasted allergy index over the next 5 days.


The allergy index for today.


The allergy index for tomorrow.


The average forecasted asthma index over the next 5 days.


The asthma index for today.


The asthma index for tomorrow.


The average forecasted cold/flu index over the next 5 days.


The cold/flu index for today.

It is important to ensure the ZIP code is quoted if it starts with a 0. Unquoted ZIP codes that start with 0 will cause errors.

Understanding the Indices

Any index-related sensor will have a value between 0.0 and 12.0. The values map to the following human-friendly ratings:

Range Rating
0.0 - 2.4 Low
2.5 - 4.8 Low/Medium
4.9 - 7.2 Medium
7.3 - 9.6 Medium/High
9.7 - 12.0 High

Understanding Asthma Allergens

Several asthma-related sensors carry information regarding the top three “asthma allergens” (i.e., irritants that may exacerbate asthma symptoms). Example values include:

Pollutant Symbol More Info
Particulate (<= 2.5 μm) PM2.5 EPA: Particulate Matter (PM) Pollution
Particulate (<= 10 μm) PM10 EPA: Particulate Matter (PM) Pollution
Ozone O EPA: Ozone Pollution
Sulpher Dioxide SO2 EPA: Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Pollution
Carbon Monoxide CO EPA: Carbon Monoxide (CO) Pollution in Outdoor Air