IAMMETER provides both a bi-directional single-phase energy meter(WEM3080) and a bi-directional three-phase energy monitor (WEM3080T). Both of them can be integrated into Home Assistant. The WEM3050T is the latest three-phase/split-phase meter, released by IAMMETER on Nov 2023. The WEM3050T provides nearly all of the features the WEM3080T provides, with the exception of the cloud service. The WEM3050T can be integrated into Home Assistant by all of the methods that WEM3080T supports. Because there is no cloud service by default, the WEM3050T is much cheaper than the WEM3080T.


To use this sensor in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: iammeter

Configuration Variables

host string Required

The IP address of your IAMMETER.

port integer (Optional, default: 80)

port of your IAMMETER.

name string (Optional, default: IamMeter)

Name for the sensor entity.


Sensors available in the library:

Single-phase energy meter (WEM3080/WEM3162)

name Unit Description
wem3080_voltage V Voltage.
wem3080_current A current.
wem3080_power W active power.
wem3080_importenergy kWh Energy consumption from grid
wem3080_exportgrid kWh Energy export to grid

Three-phase energy meter (WEM3080T)

name Unit Description
wem3080t_voltage_a V A phase voltage
wem3080t_current_a A A phase current
wem3080t_power_a W A phase active power
wem3080t_importenergy_a kWh A phase import energy
wem3080t_exportgrid_a kWh A phase export energy
wem3080t_frequency_a Hz A phase frequency
wem3080t_pf_a A phase power factor
wem3080t_voltage_b V B phase voltage
wem3080t_current_b A B phase current
wem3080t_power_b W B phase active power
wem3080t_importenergy_b kWh B phase import energy
wem3080t_exportgrid_b kWh B phase export energy
wem3080t_frequency_b Hz B phase frequency
wem3080t_pf_b B phase power factor
wem3080t_voltage_c V C phase voltage
wem3080t_current_c A C phase current
wem3080t_power_c W C phase active power
wem3080t_importenergy_c kWh C phase import energy
wem3080t_exportgrid_c kWh C phase export energy
wem3080t_frequency_c Hz C phase frequency
wem3080t_pf_c C phase power factor