IAMMETER provides both a bi-directional single-phase energy meter(WEM3080) and a bi-directional three-phase energy monitor (WEM3080T). Both of them can be integrated into Home Assistant.


To use this sensor in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: iammeter

Configuration Variables

host string Required

The IP address of your IAMMETER.

port integer (Optional, default: 80)

port of your IAMMETER.

name string (Optional, default: IamMeter)

Name for the sensor entity.


Sensors available in the library:

Single-phase energy meter (WEM3080/WEM3162)

name Unit Description
wem3080_voltage V Voltage.
wem3080_current A current.
wem3080_power W active power.
wem3080_importenergy kWh Energy consumption from grid
wem3080_exportgrid kWh Energy export to grid

Three-phase energy meter (WEM3080T)

name Unit Description
wem3080t_voltage_a V A phase voltage
wem3080t_current_a A A phase current
wem3080t_power_a W A phase active power
wem3080t_importenergy_a kWh A phase import energy
wem3080t_exportgrid_a kWh A phase export energy
wem3080t_frequency_a Hz A phase frequency
wem3080t_pf_a A phase power factor
wem3080t_voltage_b V B phase voltage
wem3080t_current_b A B phase current
wem3080t_power_b W B phase active power
wem3080t_importenergy_b kWh B phase import energy
wem3080t_exportgrid_b kWh B phase export energy
wem3080t_frequency_b Hz B phase frequency
wem3080t_pf_b B phase power factor
wem3080t_voltage_c V C phase voltage
wem3080t_current_c A C phase current
wem3080t_power_c W C phase active power
wem3080t_importenergy_c kWh C phase import energy
wem3080t_exportgrid_c kWh C phase export energy
wem3080t_frequency_c Hz C phase frequency
wem3080t_pf_c C phase power factor