Hunter Hydrawise

The hydrawise integration allows you to integrate your Hunter Hydrawise Wi-Fi irrigation controller system in Home Assistant.

There is currently support for the following device types within Home Assistant:


  1. To set up the Hydrawise integration, you must first set up an online account at
  2. Then, use your online credentials to configure the integration.


To add the Hunter Hydrawise integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

Binary sensor

Binary sensor entities are created for the controller:

  • Cloud API availability
The Hydrawise API removed the ability to read the rain sensor status. Therefore it is no longer supported by the Hydrawise integration to Home Assistant.

Binary sensor entities are created for each zone:

  • Running status


Sensor entities are added to each zone:

  • Timestamp for the next scheduled automatic watering cycle
  • Remaining time for the current watering cycle


Switches are added for each zone, controlling:

  • Smart watering features
  • Manual watering

Switch operation

When auto_watering is on the irrigation zone will follow the Smart Watering schedule set through the Hydrawise mobile or web app. When the auto_watering switch is off the zone’s Smart Watering schedule is suspended for 1 year.

When manual_watering is on the zone will run for 15 minutes.

Due to changes in the Hydrawise API the status of the Auto Watering switches has changed. Under normal conditions the Auto Watering switches correctly reflect the Smart Watering schedule on the Hydrawise mobile or web app. However, if a rain sensor is connected to the system and it is active (rain detected), or the zone is running the Auto Watering switch will turn off. After both of those conditions are removed the switch will again show the correct Auto Watering condition.