HVV Departures

The hvv_departures sensor will display the departures of buses, trains and ferries in Hamburg.


To add the HVV Departures integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

Need your API credentials? See how to get the API credentials.


Menu: Configuration > Integrations > Select your new integration > Press the cog in the upper left corner

  • select lines: filter the departures on the station to only show departures for the selected lines.
  • offset: set this if you want to list the departures some minutes in the future, for example, if you live ten minutes away from the station.
  • use realtime data: enable this to include delay and cancellation information.

Departure sensors

The integration creates one sensor for the departures at the selected station.


The state is a timestamp representing the time for the next departure, not including delays.


Attribute Description
line Line number of the next departure
origin The station where the transport started from
direction The station where the transport ends
type Type of the transportation, for example, Bus or S
id A unique identifier for the line. In most cases, line is sufficient to identify the line
delay Real-time data about the delay of the transport in seconds. Add this to the departure time to get the real departure time
next A list of the upcoming departures. Each element has the above attributes and departure containing the timestamp

Elevator sensors

If the selected station has elevators, binary sensors will be available.


  • OK (off): The elevator is working.
  • Problem (on): The elevator is out of order. See the cause attribute for more information.


Attribute Description
cabin_width Width of the elevator cabin
cabin_length Length of the elevator cabin
door_width Width of the elevator doors
elevator_type Type of the elevator
button_type Type of the elevator buttons, can be one of the following:
cause If the state of the sensor is on (“Problem”), the cause attribute may contain further information about the cause
lines List of lines that can be reached using this elevator

How to get the API credentials

You have to apply for credentials via the HVV website. You can see their official guide here (the page is only available in German).

In your mail, tell them you are using your API credentials for use within Home Assistant. They will send you a contract you will have to sign and send back. After about a week, you will receive your API credentials.


Data is provided by HVV.