Hisense AEH-W4A1

The Hisense AEH-W4A1 is a Wi-Fi module used to give Wi-Fi connectivity to some Hisense ACs and rebranded models (Smart Cool, Beko and others).

Later AC models use other Wi-Fi modules (like AEH-W4B1 and AEH-W4E1) that are not compatible or otherwise tested with this integration.

It is highly recommended not to use one of the official smartphone applications and this integration at the same time, to avoid problems related to command collision.


To integrate one or more Hisense AEH-W4A1 controlled ACs with Home Assistant, use the Configuration/Integrations or add the following section to your configuration.yaml file:

# Automatic discovery

Alternately, devices that are not discoverable can be statically configured. The use of static configuration disables automatic discovery.

Configuration Variables

ip_address list (Optional)

One or more static IP addresses

Full configuration example

# Static configured devices