This hikvisioncam switch platform allows you to control your motion detection setting on your Hikvision camera.

Currently works using default https port only.

To use your Hikvision cam in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: hikvisioncam

In the Hikvision camera settings you also need to make a few changes:

  • In the camera menu navigate to Network >> Advanced Settings >> Integration Protocol. Check the ‘Enable Hikvision-CGI’ box and set the ‘Hikvision-CGI Authentication’ to ‘digest/basic’.
  • Make sure the camera user has the rights to change parameter settings. In the menu navigate to System Settings >> User Management >> User Management. Select the correct user, click ‘Modify’ en check the ‘Remote: Parameters Settings’ box.

Configuration Variables

host string Required

The IP address of your Hikvision camera, e.g.,

port integer (Optional, default: 80)

The port to connect to your Hikvision camera.

name string (Optional)

This parameter allows you to override the name of your camera.


Hikvision Camera Motion Detection

username string (Optional, default: admin)

The username for accessing your Hikvision camera.

password string (Optional, default: 12345)

The password to access your Hikvision camera.