The GitHub sensor allows you to monitor your favorite GitHub repositories. Monitored information includes the amount of stargazers, forks, open issues and pull requests, the latest commit message, and more.


To set up this sensor you will need a GitHub personal access token. You will need to check the repo scope for the sensor to function.


To enable this platform, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: github
    access_token: !secret github_access_token
      - path: 'home-assistant/core'

Configuration Variables

access_token string Required

Your GitHub Access Token

url string (Optional)

If you are using a GitHub Enterprise server, add its URL here. For example,

repositories list Required

A list of repository paths and optionally a name

path string Required

Path to the repository. For Home Assistant this will be home-assistant/core

name string (Optional)

Name of the sensor. Gives the sensor a custom name in Home Assistant. Defaults to the repository name from GitHub if not specified.