GeoNet NZ Volcano

The geonetnz_volcano integration lets you use a GeoJSON feed provided by New Zealand’s GeoNet with information about volcanoes in the New Zealand region. It shows information of those volcanoes filtered by distance to Home Assistant’s location.

Entities are generated and updated automatically with each update from the feed. Each entity defines the volcanic alert level as its state. Latitude and longitude of the volcano are included as attributes to show on the default map automatically.

The data is updated every 5 minutes.

The material used by this integration is provided under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand (CC BY 3.0 NZ) license. It has only been modified for the purpose of presenting the material in Home Assistant. Please refer to the creator’s disclaimer notice and data policy for more information.

We acknowledge the New Zealand GeoNet project and its sponsors EQC, GNS Science and LINZ, for providing data/images used in this integration.


To integrate the GeoNet New Zealand Volcanic Alert Level feed use the Integrations feature in the GUI, you find it under Configurations -> Integrations, or add the following line to your configuration.yaml.

# Example configuration.yaml entry

Configuration Variables

radius float (Optional, default: 50.0)

The radius around your location to monitor; defaults to 50 km or mi (depending on the unit system defined in your configuration).

latitude float (Optional)

Latitude of the coordinates around which volcanoes are considered.


Latitude defined in your configuration.

longitude float (Optional)

Longitude of the coordinates around which volcanoes are considered.


Longitude defined in your configuration.

State Attributes

The following state attributes are available for each entity in addition to the standard ones:

Attribute Description
latitude Latitude of the volcano.
longitude Longitude of the volcano.
external_id The external ID used in the feed to identify the volcano.
activity Volcanic activity.
hazards Most likely hazards.
distance The distance in km or mi to Home Assistant’s location.
last update Timestamp of the last update from the feed.
last update successful Timestamp of the last successful update from the feed.

Full Configuration

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  radius: 100
  latitude: -41.2
  longitude: 174.7