The GeoJSON integration lets you ingest events from GeoJSON feeds. It retrieves events from a feed and shows information of those events filtered by distance to Home Assistant’s location. All entries in the GeoJSON feed must define a geometry which typically is a point or polygon with geo coordinates. In addition, this platform will look for a title key in the entry’s properties and use that as the entity’s name.

Entities are generated, updated and removed automatically with each update from the GeoJSON feed. Each entity defines latitude and longitude and will be shown on the map automatically. The distance in kilometers is available as the state of each entity.

The data is updated every 5 minutes.


To add the GeoJSON integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

State attributes

The following state attributes are available for each entity in addition to the standard ones:

Attribute Description
latitude Latitude of the event.
longitude Longitude of the event.
source geo_json_events to be used in conjunction with geo_location automation trigger.
external_id The external ID used in the feed to identify the event in the feed.