The FYTA integrationIntegrations connect and integrate Home Assistant with your devices, services, and more. [Learn more] uses the open API of FYTA to obtain the data from your plant sensors and integrate these into Home Assistant.

For the authentication on the FYTA server, you need your login-credentials (email and password).

The integration provides a device for all plants with a FYTA Beam sensor. In order to be able to access your plant data over the API, you need a FYTA hub that uploads the data from the Beam sensor to the FYTA server. Alternatively, the mobile app can serve as gateaway to upload the data from the Beam to the server. No direct connection to the FYTA Beam is supported.


To add the FYTA integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:


The following sensors are currently available per plant:

name Unit Description
scientific_name Scientific name of the plant
plant_status FYTA-Status (number 1 to 5)
temperature_status FYTA-Status (number 1 to 5)
light_status FYTA-Status (number 1 to 5)
moisture_status FYTA-Status (number 1 to 5)
salinity_status FYTA-Status (number 1 to 5)
temperature °C Temperature measured by sensor
light μmol/h Light measured by sensor (hourly photosynthetically active radiation PAR)
moisture % Moisture measured by sensor
salinity mS/cm Salinity measured by sensor (measured as conductivity)
battery_level % Battery level of the sensor