Fully Kiosk Browser

Fully Kiosk Browser is a powerful kiosk browser for Android devices. It provides a number of features for monitoring and controlling your Android device. This integration gives you access to control your device and view the status in Home Assistant.


This integration requires the Fully Remote Admin feature to be enabled in the Fully Kiosk Browser app. This feature requires the paid Fully Plus license. You can test it out for free, but Fully Kiosk Browser will display a watermark on your device.

You will need the IP address of your device, and the Fully Remote Admin password you set in the Fully Kiosk Browser app.


Adding Fully Kiosk Browser to your Home Assistant instance can be done via the user interface, by using this My button:

Fully Kiosk Browser can be auto-discovered by Home Assistant. If an instance was found, it will be shown as Discovered. You can then set it up right away.


The following is available as sensors:

  • Device plugged in
  • Kiosk mode enabled/disabled
  • Battery level
  • Current page
  • Current foreground app
  • Device storage space available
  • Device RAM available

The following controls are available:

  • Bring Fully Kiosk to the foreground
  • Send Fully Kiosk to the background
  • Load the start URL
  • Restart the Fully Kiosk Browser app
  • Reboot your device (requires root)
  • Maintenance mode on/off
  • Lock/unlock kiosk mode
  • Motion detection on/off
  • Screensaver on/off
  • Screensaver timer
  • Screensaver brightness
  • Screen on/off
  • Screen off timer
  • Screen brightness
  • Play and stop media files
  • Set device volume
The Fully Kiosk Browser app does not provide feedback on the device volume or media playback status, so we are unable to display the current volume level or playback status.


Service load_url

You can use the service fully_kiosk.load_url to have the tablet open the specified URL.

Service data attribute Optional Description
device_id yes Device ID (or list of device IDs) to load the URL on.
url yes The URL to load.


service: fully_kiosk.load_url
  url: "https://home-assistant.io"
  device_id: a674c90eca95eca91f6020415de07713

Service start_application

You can use the service fully_kiosk.start_application to have the tablet launch the specified app.

Service data attribute Optional Description
device_id yes Device ID (or list of device IDs) to load the URL on.
application yes The package name of the app to load.


service: fully_kiosk.start_application
  application: "de.ozerov.fully"
  device_id: a674c90eca95eca91f6020415de07713