AVM FRITZ!Box Call Monitor

The fritzbox_callmonitor sensor monitors the call monitor exposed by AVM FRITZ!Box routers on TCP port 1012. It will assume the values idle, ringing, dialing or talking with the phone numbers involved contained in the state attributes. It can also access the internal phone book of the router to look up the names corresponding to the phone numbers and store them in the state attributes.


To use the FRITZ!Box call monitor in your installation, a user with at least Voice messages, faxes, FRITZ!App Fon and call list rights has to be created:

  1. Open the web user interface via fritz.box or the IP address of your FRITZ!Box (e.g.
  2. Log in with your admin user credentials. The default admin user credentials can be found at the bottom of your FRITZ!Box.
  3. Navigate to System -> FRITZ!Box User.
  4. Click the Add User button.
  5. Enable the option User account enabled.
  6. Enter a user name and password.
  7. Check the rights box next to Voice messages, faxes, FRITZ!App Fon and call list.
  8. Click the Apply button.

You also need network access from HA to your FRITZ!Box on port tcp/1012 for the call monitoring, as well as one time access to port tcp/80 for setting up the integration.


To activate the call monitor on your FRITZ!Box, dial #96*5* from any phone connected to it.


To add the AVM FRITZ!Box Call Monitor integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

If you want Home Assistant to resolve numbers to names based on your FRITZ!Box phone book, you have to configure the correct prefixes. Usually, you just need one single prefix, which equals your country calling code, e.g. +49 for Germany or +33 for France. Find the right prefix on Wikipedia and add it on the configurations page.


Send notifications on state change

This example shows how to send notifications whenever the sensor’s state changes. You will get notified both when you receive a call and also when a call is placed.

# Example configuration.yaml entry.
  - alias: "Notify about phone state"
      - platform: state
        entity_id: sensor.phone
      - service: notify.notify
          title: "Phone"
          message: >-
            {% if is_state("sensor.phone", "idle") %}
              Phone is idle
            {% elif is_state("sensor.phone", "dialing") %}
              Calling {{ state_attr('sensor.phone', 'to_name') }} ({{ state_attr('sensor.phone', 'to') }})
            {% elif is_state("sensor.phone", "ringing") %}
              Incoming call from {{ state_attr('sensor.phone', 'from_name') }} ({{ state_attr('sensor.phone', 'from') }})
            {% else %}
              Talking to {{ state_attr('sensor.phone', 'with_name') }} ({{ state_attr('sensor.phone', 'with') }})
            {% endif %}