Folder watcher

The Folder watcher integrationIntegrations connect and integrate Home Assistant with your devices, services, and more. [Learn more] adds Watchdog file system monitoring.

It creates event entities for these monitored event types:

  • closed
  • created
  • deleted
  • modified
  • moved

Configured folders must be added to allowlist_external_dirs. Note that by default folder monitoring is recursive, meaning that the contents of sub-folders are also monitored.


To add the Folder watcher integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:


Pattern matching using fnmatch can be used to limit filesystem monitoring to only files which match the configured patterns. As example to monitor specific file, as example YAML and text-files add *.yaml and *.txt.


The attributes the event entities contain are:

  • event_type: matching the event_type of the filter (one of created, moved, modified, deleted, closed)
  • path: The full path to the file (e.g. “/hello/world.txt”)
  • file: The name of the file (e.g. “world.txt”)
  • folder: The folder path (e.g. “/hello”)

When the event_type is moved, the file details are for the source file and destination details are included:

  • dest_path: The full path to the moved file (e.g. “/hello/world.txt”)
  • dest_file: The name of the moved file (e.g. “world.txt”)
  • dest_folder: The folder moved path (e.g. “/hello”)

Automations can be triggered on file system events data using a template. The following automation will send a notification with the name and folder of new files added to that folder:

#Send notification for new image (including the image itself)
  alias: "New file alert"
    platform: state
    entity_id: event.created
    service: notify.notify
      title: New image captured!
      message: "Created {{ trigger.to_state.attributes.file }} in {{ trigger.to_state.attributes.folder }}"
        file: "{{ trigger.to_state.attributes.file }}"