The Etherscan sensor platform displays Ether and ERC-20 token balances from

To add the Etherscan sensor to your installation, specify an Ethereum address to watch in the configuration.yaml file. You can also optionally provide a token name to retrieve and ERC-20 token balance. If no token is provided then the balance retrieved will be in ETH. You can also optionally provide the token contract address in case the token name is not found.

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: etherscan
    address: '0xfB6916095ca1df60bB79Ce92cE3Ea74c37c5d359'
  - platform: etherscan
    address: "0xfB6916095ca1df60bB79Ce92cE3Ea74c37c5d359"
    token: OMG
  - platform: etherscan
    address: "0xfB6916095ca1df60bB79Ce92cE3Ea74c37c5d359"
    token_address: "0xef68e7c694f40c8202821edf525de3782458639f"
    token: LRC

Configuration Variables

address string Required

Ethereum wallet address to watch.

name string (Optional, default: ETH Balance)

The name of the sensor used in the frontend.

token string (Optional)

The ERC20 token symbol. i.e., OMG.

token_address string (Optional)

The ERC20 token contract address.