Elgato Key Light

The Elgato Key Light sets the bar for high-end studio lightning. With 80 LEDs, that put out a massive 2500 lumens, and can change the color temperature as well.

The LED light panel is created specifically, and designed for streamers and content creators, many of whom operate on platforms like YouTube and Twitch.


This integration can be configured using the integrations in the Home Assistant frontend.

Menu: Configuration -> Integrations.

In most cases, Elgato Key Lights devices will be automatically discovered by Home Assistant. Those automatically discovered devices are listed on the integrations page.

If for some reason (e.g., due to lack of mDNS support on your network), the Elgato Key Light isn’t discovered, it can be added manually.

Click on the + sign to add an integration and click on Elgato Key Light. After completing the configuration flow, the Key Light integration will be available.


This integration adds the Key Light device as a light in Home Assistant, and allows you to control the color temperature, brightness, and its on/off state.