Integrate your Efergy meter information into Home Assistant.


To get an app token:

  1. Log in to your Efergy account
  2. Go to the Settings page
  3. Click on App tokens
  4. Click “Add token”


To enable the sensor, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: efergy
    app_token: APP_TOKEN
    utc_offset: UTC_OFFSET
      - type: instant_readings
      - type: budget
      - type: cost
        period: day
        currency: $
      - type: amount
        period: day
      - type: current_values

Configuration Variables

app_token string Required

The App Token for your account.

utc_offset string (Optional, default: 0)

Some variables (currently only the daily_cost) require that the negative number of minutes your timezone is ahead/behind UTC time.

monitored_variables list Required

Variables to monitor.

type list Required

Name of the variable.


Instant energy consumption.


Monthly budget.


The cost for energy consumption (with the tariff that has been set in Efergy) over a given period.


The amount of energy consumed over a given period.


This returns the current energy usage of each device on your account. If you only have one device in your account, this is effectively the same as instant_readings.

period string (Optional, default: year)

Some variables take a period argument. Valid options are “day”, “week”, “month”, and “year”.

currency string (Optional)

This is used to display the cost/period as the unit when monitoring the cost. It should correspond to the actual currency used in your dashboard.