To add the Ecowitt integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

Ecowitt Weather Station configuration

The following steps must be performed to set up this integration. For security reason, use the token path that you get from the Home Assistant config flow.

  1. Use the Ecowitt App (on your phone) or access the Ecowitt WebUI in a browser at the station IP address.
  2. Pick your station -> Menu Others -> DIY Upload Servers.
  3. Hit next and select ‘Customized’
  4. Pick the protocol Ecowitt, and put in the ip/hostname of your Home Assistant server.
  5. Path has to match! If using the Ecowitt App, remove the first forward slash from the API token, as the app will prepend one.
  6. Save configuration.

Ecowitt doesn’t support TLS/SSL, you can use the NGINX TLS Proxy Add-on to support HTTPS and HTTP at the same time.