The easyEnergy integration integrates the easyEnergy API platform with Home Assistant.

The integration makes it possible to retrieve the dynamic energy/gas prices from easyEnergy in order to gain insight into the price trend of the day and to adjust your consumption accordingly.

Companies that use the data from easyEnergy:


To add the easyEnergy integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:


The easyEnergy integration creates a number of sensor entities for both gas and electricity prices.

Energy market prices

In terms of electricity you get two separate services, easyEnergy uses separate prices for electricity that you use (buy) or return (sell). Every day around 14:00 UTC time, the new prices are published for the following day.

  • The current and next hour electricity market price
  • Average electricity price of the day
  • Lowest energy price
  • Highest energy price
  • Time of day when the price is highest
  • Time of day when the price is at its lowest
  • Percentage of the current price compared to the maximum price
  • Number of hours with the current price higher or lower

Entities with the number of hours indicate how many hours there are with a price above or below the current hourly price. If we take the graph below as an example and it is 00:30, then there are 8 hours below the current price and 4 hours above the current price. With this information, you could switch devices at the X cheapest number of hours during the day.

Screenshot showing energy price graph. Example showing the energy price graph.

Gas market price

For the dynamic gas prices, only entities are created that display the current and next hour price because the price is always fixed for 24 hours; new prices are published every morning at 05:00 UTC time.