Deutsche Wetter Dienst (DWD) Weather Warnings

The dwd_weather_warnings sensor platform uses the Deutsche Wetter Dienst (DWD) as a source for current and advance warnings.

  • A name is optional but if multiple regions are used a name will be required.
  • The sensor checks for new data every 15 minutes.


To add the DWD WarnApp sensor to your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: dwd_weather_warnings
    region_name: Hansestadt Hamburg

As it suggests the region name is not the city or nearest city you want to get the warnings for but the next higher level of the governmental district called “Kreis” in German.

Be aware, to get the region name you need to use the following link by replacing Hamburg with your city:

  • Find your region here:
  • On the page that is loaded in your browser you will find the correct region (“Kreis”) below the map as a heading.
  • Verify if you find any warning for your region here. Your region (“Kreis”) will appear only if warnings exist:

Configuration Variables

region_namestring(Optional, default: Hansestadt Hamburg)

The region name string as identified from the DWD website.

namestring(Optional, default: DWD-Weather-Warnings)

The name you would like to give to the warnapp sensor.


Attribute Description
last_updated Information last update from DWD service.
region_name Requested region name. This should be the same as the region name in the configuration.
region_state State (Bundesland) in abriviated form the requested region is located, e.g., “HE” for “Hessen”.
region_id Region ID assigned by DWD.
warning_count (int) Number of issued warnings. There can be more than one warning issued at once.
warning_<x> The warning as a whole JSON object containing the following attributes as nested attributes.
warning_<x>_level (int) Issued warning level between 0 and 4.
0: Keine Warnungen
1: Wetterwarnungen
2: Warnungen vor markantem Wetter
3: Unwetterwarnungen
4: Warnungen vor extremem Unwetter
warning_<x>_type (int) Issued warning type.
0: Gewitter, Starkes Gewitter
1: Windböen, Sturmböen
2: ?
3: Schneefall
4: Nebel
5: Frost
6: Glätte, Glatteis
8: Hitze (always level 10)
9: UV-Index (always level 20)
Please be aware that the type numbers represent more like a category than an exact number-to-string match. For example Type 6 can mean GLÄTTE or GLATTEIS or similar.
warning_<x>_name This name correlates with the warning type and indicates it in short as a string.
warning_<x>_headline Official headline the weather warning.
warning_<x>_start Starting time and date of the issued warning.
warning_<x>_end Ending time and date of the issued warning.
warning_<x>_description Details for the issued warning.
warning_<x>_instruction The DWD is sometimes providing helpful information about precautions to take for the issued warning.

In the attribute name x is the counter of the warning starting from 1.