Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) Weather Warnings

The dwd_weather_warnings sensor platform uses the Deutsche Wetter Dienst (DWD) as a source for current and advance warnings.

  • A name is optional but if multiple regions are used a name will be required.
  • The sensor checks for new data every 15 minutes.


To add the DWD WarnApp sensor to your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: dwd_weather_warnings
    region_name: Hansestadt Hamburg
  • The region_name can either be a so called warncell id (integer) or a warncell name (string). It is heavily advised to use warncell id because warncell name is not unique in some cases.
    A list of valid warncell ids and names can be found at here.
  • Some of the warncells are outdated but still listed. If setup fails search the list for a similar sounding warncell.
  • If you selected a warncell name and the name is not unique " (not unique used ID)!" will be added to the reported region_name.

Configuration Variables

region_name string | integer Required

The region name = warncell name (string) or region id = warncell id (integer) taken from DWD homepage.

name string (Optional, default: DWD-Weather-Warnings)

The name you would like to give to the warnapp sensor.

monitored_conditions list (Optional, default: all)

List of warnings you want to be informed about.


The current warning level.


The expected warning level.


Attribute Description
last_update (time) Time and date (UTC) of last update from DWD.
region_name (str) Requested region name. This should be the same as the region name in the configuration if a name was given.
region_id (int) Region ID assigned by DWD. This should be the same as the region id in the configuration if an id was given.
warning_count (int) Number of issued warnings. There can be more than one warning issued at once.
warning_<x> (list) The warning as a whole object containing the following attributes as nested attributes.
warning_<x>_level (int) Issued warning level (0 - 4).
0: Keine Warnungen
1: Wetterwarnungen
2: Warnungen vor markantem Wetter
3: Unwetterwarnungen
4: Warnungen vor extremem Unwetter
warning_<x>_type (int) Issued warning type.
More information can be found here.
warning_<x>_name (str) Warning name correlates with the warning type and represents it as a short string.
warning_<x>_headline (str) Official headline of the weather warning.
warning_<x>_start (time) Starting time and date (UTC) of the issued warning.
warning_<x>_end (time) Ending time and date (UTC) of the issued warning.
warning_<x>_description (str) Details for the issued warning.
warning_<x>_instruction (str) The DWD sometimes provides helpful information about precautions to take for the issued warning.
warning_<x>_parameters (list) A list of additional warning parameters.
More information can be found here.
warning_<x>_color (str) The DWD color of the warning encoded as #rrggbb.

In the attribute name x is the counter of the warning starting from 1.