Dublin Bus

The dublin_bus_transport sensor will give you the time until the next two departures from a Dublin bus stop using the RTPI information.

The Dublin Bus website can help to determine the id of your bus stop. You can check if this is correct by going to

https://data.dublinked.ie/cgi-bin/rtpi/realtimebusinformation?stopid=[Stop ID]

Then add the data to your configuration.yaml file as shown in the example:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: dublin_bus_transport
    stopid: STOP_ID

Configuration Variables

stopid string Required

The ID of the bus stop to get the information for.

route string (Optional)

Only show a single bus route at the stop. This is the same as the bus number, e.g., 83.

name string (Optional, default: Next Bus)

A friendly name for this sensor.

The public RTPI information is coming from Dub Linked.