Dominos Pizza

The dominos integration allows you to order Dominos Pizza from within your Home Assistant scripts and automations.

At present, this integration only supports ordering within Canada and the US.


To enable the component, you need to set up your customer information and define some orders.

Orders are a group of product codes. You can get these product codes by inspecting an order request from the Dominos web app, or you can add this custom panel by following this readme to see the available product codes in a separate panel in your install.

Currently, there is no support in this integration for toppings, coupons or order tracking.

  country_code: ca
  first_name: John
  last_name: Smith
  email: [email protected]
  phone: 123456789
  address: 24 Housten Dr, Ottawa, ON, K2M2M2
  - name: Medium Pan
      - P12IPAZA

Now you can use the Dominos service to order pizza within your automations:

- service: dominos.order
    order_entity_id: dominos.medium_pan

Configuration Variables

country_code string Required

'ca' or 'us', depending on your location

first_name string Required

Your first name

last_name string Required

Your last name

email string Required

Your email address

phone string Required

Your phone number

address string Required

Your delivery address

show_menu integer (Optional)

Dumps product codes from your nearest store into your log (for use in with the custom panel)

orders list (Optional)

Sets of product codes to use for ordering