DLNA Digital Media Renderer

The dlna_dmr platform allows you to control a DLNA Digital Media Renderer, such as DLNA enabled TVs or radios.

Please note that some devices, such as Samsung TVs, are rather picky about the source used to play from. The TTS service might not work in combination with these devices. If the play_media service does not work, please try playing from a DLNA/DMS (such as MiniDLNA).


To add a DLNA DMR device to your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: dlna_dmr

Configuration Variables

url string Required

The URL to the device description XML file, e.g.,

listen_ip string (Optional)

IP to listen on for events from the device. Only set this when the IP is not detected properly.

listen_port integer (Optional, default: 8301)

Port to listen on for events from the device.

name string (Optional)

The name you would like to give to the device, e.g., TV living room.

callback_url_override string (Optional)

Override the advertised callback URL. In case the Home Assistant instance is not directly reachable (e.g., running in a Docker container without bridged-networking), advertise this callback URL for events.