Danfoss Air

The danfoss_air integration allows you to access information from your Danfoss Air HRV unit.

Note: Danfoss Air CCM only accepts one TCP connection at a time. Due to this the integration will not work while you have the HRV PC-Tool open.

There is currently support for the following device types within Home Assistant:

# Example configuration.yaml entry

Configuration Variables



Danfoss Air CCM IP.

Binary sensor

The following binary sensor is supported.

  • Bypass active: Indicator if heat recovery is currrently bypassed.


The following sensors are supported.

  • Outdoor temperature: Outdoor air temperature.
  • Supply temperature: Air temperature of the air supplied to the house.
  • Extract temperature: Air temperature of the air extracted from the house.
  • Exhaust temperature: Exhausted air temperature.
  • Remaining filter lifetime: Remaining filter lifetime measured in percent.


The following switches are supported.

  • Boost: Switch to manually activate boost.
  • Bypass: Switch to manually activate bypass.
  • Automatic bypass: Switch to enable automatic bypass.