This integration integrates BSBLan device into Home Assistant.

BSBLan is a device that is made by Frederik Holst and Ulf Dieckmann for documentation and with the help of many other contributors. The new board v3 is designed for an Arduino Due with an Ethernet-Shield for web-based controlling of heating systems such as Elco Thision, Brötje and similar systems.

It can interface with the heating system over Boiler-System-Bus, Local Process Bus and PPS (Punkt-zu-Punkt Schnittstelle) For more information of which system it supports, have a look at their documentation.


This integration can be configured using the integrations in the Home Assistant frontend.

Menu: Configuration -> Integrations.

Click on the + sign to add an integration and click on BSBLan. Fill in the IP address of the device in your network and, if needed, the port number. The default value should be 80. For authentication passkey is supported and also HTTP authentication with username and password.

After completing the configuration flow, the BSBLan Climate integration will be available.

For more documentation of the BSBLan device, check the manual.

To see a more detailed listing of the reported systems which are successfully used with BSB-LAN please follow the corresponding link:

The integration is tested with the stable firmware version 1.00. A newer firmware versions will not work, because the parameters are changed of the specific info that is needed. Please use the latest release. release 1.0