The brottsplatskartan sensor allows one to track reported incidents occurring in a given area. Incidents include anything reported to Brottsplatskartan. The sensor only counts incidents from the current day.


To enable this sensor, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml.

  - platform: brottsplatskartan

Configuration Variables

name string (Optional, default: Brottsplatskartan)

Custom name for the sensor.

area string (Optional)

Area for sensor to monitor

latitude float (Optional)

Latitude for sensor.


Your home zone latitude defined in your configuration.

longitude float (Optional)

Longitude for sensor.


Your home zone longitude defined in your configuration.



Brottsplatskartan captures all incidents in a region, e.g Stockholms län. If area parameter is defined, any latitude and longitude parameters are ignored.

Latitude and Longitude

The radius is set to 5 km when using latitude and longitude to monitor an area. It’s not possible to explicitly set radius to another value.