Balboa Spa Client

The Balboa Spa Client integrationIntegrations connect and integrate Home Assistant with your devices, services, and more. [Learn more] adds support for Balboa Spa WiFi Modules to be used within Home Assistant.

There is currently support for the following device types within Home Assistant:

  • Binary sensor (Filter cycles and circulation pumps)
  • Climate
  • Fan (Pumps/Jets)
  • Light
  • Select (Low/high temperature range)

Compatible hardware

Balboa Spa Client integration support local control of hot tub spas equipped with a Balboa BP system and a bwa™ Wi-Fi Module (50350).

Balboa Spa Client integration is not compatible with ControlMySpa™ cloud API used by Balboa ControlMySpa Gateway Ultra (59303).


To add the Balboa Spa Client integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:


Hostname or IP address of your Balboa Spa Wifi Device, e.g.,


Options for Balboa Spa Client can be set via the user interface, by taking the following steps:

  • Browse to your Home Assistant instance.
  • Go to Settings > Devices & Services.
  • If multiple instances of Balboa Spa Client are configured, choose the instance you want to configure.
  • Select the integration, then select Configure.

Sync the Spa’s internal clock with Home Assistant daily

Known limitations

  • The WiFi Module is a direct connection to the control panel of the spa. Certain combinations of settings are not possible due to limitations of the spa.
  • Turning on certain pumps, depending on the spa configuration, may cause other pumps to come online as well.
  • The spa WiFi Module will need to be configured initially by the phone app to authenticate and get an IP on your network.
  • The WiFi Module will automatically disconnect from Home Assistant periodically, and then be automatically reconnected. The disconnect is built-in to the hardware.

Debugging integration

If you have problems with Balboa or the integration you can add debug prints to the log.

  default: info
    pybalboa: debug
    homeassistant.components.balboa: debug