Atome Linky

The atome sensor platform is retrieving the consumption of your home from the Direct Energy Atome electric meter. This special little device is connected to a Linky Electric Meter, and sends live data to a cloud platform.

As there is no official documentation for the API, the integration retrieves data from the API used in the Atome mobile app, hosted here.


To use it, you need to order the device directly from “Total Direct Energie” Mobile App. Then you need to follow up the installation (covered in the Atome App). The configuration (see below) needs your Atome username & password you created during the initialization of the Atome device.

Next, add the Atome sensor to your configuration.yaml file like below:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: atome

Configuration Variables

username string Required

The Atome account username.

password string Required

The Atome account password.