The aten_pe integration lets you control ATEN Rack PDUs from Home Assistant.

In order to use it, SNMP must be enabled on your PDU. It is recommended to use SNMPv3 to protect your credentials from eavesdropping.

Tested devices:

To set it up, add the following information to your configuration.yaml file:

  - platform: aten_pe

Configuration Variables

host string Required

The IP/host which to control.

port string (Optional, default: 161)

The port on which to communicate.

community string (Optional, default: private)

community string to use for authentication (SNMP v1 and v2c).

username string (Optional, default: administrator)

Username to use for authentication.

auth_key string (Optional)

Authentication key to use for SNMP v3.

priv_key string (Optional)

Privacy key to use for SNMP v3.