The AprilAire integration allows you to control an AprilAire thermostat.

Supported Models

This integration supports AprilAire 8800-series Home Automation Wi-Fi Thermostats and 6000-series Wi-Fi Zone Control devices which support setting the thermostat to automation mode. It is known that there are some models which are marketed as home automation capable that do not support automation mode, and are therefore not supported.


In order to connect to the thermostat, you will need to enable automation mode. This involves going into the Contractor Menu on your thermostat and changing the Connection Type to Automation. As the specific instructions can vary per model, consult the manual for your specific model.


To add the AprilAire device to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

Caution regarding device limitations

Due to limitations of the thermostats, only one automation connection to a device is permitted at one time (the AprilAire app is not included in this limitation as it uses a separate protocol). Attempting to connect multiple times to the same thermostat simultaneously can cause various issues, including the thermostat becoming unresponsive and shutting down. If this does occur, power cycling the thermostat should restore functionality.