A. O. Smith

The A. O. Smith integration allows you to control a compatible A. O. Smith iCOMM-enabled water heater from Home Assistant.

Before using this integration, your water heater must be connected to a Wi-Fi network and linked to your account using the A. O. Smith mobile app (iOS/Android).

Known compatible models

  • EE9-40R55DV
  • EE9-40H55DV
  • EE9-50R55DV
  • EE9-50H55DV
  • EE12-50R55DVF
  • EE12-50H55DVF
  • EE12-55H55DVF
  • HPS10-50H45DV
  • HPS10-66H45DV
  • HPS10-80H45DV
  • HPSX-50-DHPT
  • HPSX-50-DHPT 2
  • HPSX-66-DHPT
  • HPSX-66-DHPT 2
  • HPSX-80-DHPT
  • HPSX-80-DHPT 2
  • HPTS-50
  • HPTS-66
  • HPTS-80
  • HPV10-50H01DV
  • HPV10-66H01DV
  • HPV10-80H01DV

Water heaters that can be controlled using the A. O. Smith mobile app should be compatible with this integration. If your water heater is not detected by the integration, but it can be controlled using the mobile app, please open an issue on GitHub so that support can be added. Similarly, if your water heater is working with this integration, but its model number is not listed here, please open a documentation issue so it can be added to the list.


To add the A. O. Smith integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:


Water heater

The water heater entity offers the following capabilities:

  • Adjust target temperature
  • Change operation mode
  • Enable/disable away mode (will set the water heater to “vacation” mode)

Operation modes

This table shows the supported operation modes. The available modes will depend on your specific water heater model.

Mode displayed in A. O. Smith app Mode displayed in Home Assistant Mode name for water_heater.set_operation_mode service
Electric/Standard Electric electric
Hybrid Eco eco
Heat Pump Heat Pump heat_pump
Vacation N/A - use away mode N/A - use water_heater.set_away_mode


The following sensor entities are available:

  • Hot water availability (low, medium, or high)
  • Energy usage


This integration is not affiliated with or endorsed by A. O. Smith.