Anthem A/V Receivers

Both Anthem’s current and last generation of A/V Receivers and Processors support IP-based, network control. This Home Assistant platform adds proper “local push” support for any of these receivers on your network.

Supported Models

A/V Receiver

A/V Processor

Distribution Solution

If your model is not on the list then give it a test, if everything works correctly then add it to the list by clicking on the Edit this page on GitHub link above.

Support is provided through the Python anthemav module. Older, RS-232 serial-based units like the D2v series use a different protocol entirely and are not currently supported.


Adding Anthem A/V Receivers to your Home Assistant instance can be done via the user interface, by using this My button:


The host name or the IP address of the device.


The port number of the device.

Notes and Limitations

  • The tuner is currently unsupported as are the media_player play, pause, prev, and next controls.
  • Enabling this platform will set and enforce “Standby IP Control On” in your Anthem device. You almost certainly want this. If you disable it on the device, it will just get re-enabled by Home Assistant.

This platform will maintain a persistent connection to the network control port which will prevent any other application from communicating with the receiver. This includes the Anthem iOS and Android remote control apps as well as the ARC-2 Anthem Room Calibration software. You will need to disable this platform and restart Home Assistant if you want to use another application that makes use of the network control port.

The underlying Python module has hooks for halting and resuming the network connection but those functions are currently unsupported by the Home Assistant platform.