Airthings BLE

Integrates Airthings BLE sensors into Home Assistant.

Airthings provide different sensors for measuring the air quality. The focus specially on Radon sensors.

Requires Airthings hardware and a compatible Bluetooth dongle.


Adding Airthings BLE to your Home Assistant instance can be done via the user interface, by using this My button:

The Airthings BLE integration will automatically discover devices once the Bluetooth integration is enabled and functional. This will include the device name and its serial number.

There are two ways of retrieving the 10-digit serial number of a Wave device:

  1. At the back of the device, located under the magnetic backplate.
  2. Airthings app: Device settings -> Device info -> Serial Number

This integration uses the last 6 digits of the serial number.

Supported Devices

  • Wave
  • Wave+
  • Wave mini


Sensor entities added to Home Assistant, depending on the device model:

  • Humidity
  • Illuminance
  • Pressure (relative depending on home elevation)
  • Radon 1-day and longterm average, as well as levels
  • Temperature
  • VOC
  • Co2
  • Battery