Integrates Airthings sensors into Home Assistant.

Airthings provide different sensors for measuring the air quality. The focus specially on Radon sensors.

Requires Airthings hardware and a valid Airthings Dashboard login.


Airthings API setup (needed to acquire the required ID and Secret for the Home Assistant Airthings Integration).

  1. Login here to find your credentials.
  2. Select Integrations from the left side-bar.
  3. Click on “Request API Client” in order to set up an API connection.
  4. Name your API connection ie. “Home Assistant Integration”.
  5. Give the connection an accurate description.
  6. Select a Resource Scope.
  7. Select an access Type, i.e., Confidential.
  8. Select a flow type.
  9. Set enable to “on”.
  10. Save the settings.

Upon saving the settings, you will be presented with a generated id and secret.

The Airthings integration can now be activated using the generated id and secret that you have just created.


To add the Airthings integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button: