AEMET OpenData

The AEMET weather platform uses AEMET OpenData as a source for current meteorological data for your location. AEMET stands for “Agencia Estatal de Meteorología”, which is the Spanish Meteorological Agency.

There is currently support for the following device types within Home Assistant:

  • Sensor
  • Weather

You need an API key, which is free but requires a registration. The AEMET OpenData service is completely free but is limited to the Spanish territory.


To add AEMET OpenData integration go to Settings -> Devices & Services and find the integration in the list.


API Key from the website


Name of the integration


Latitude for weather forecast and sensor


Longitude for weather forecast and sensor

The integration creates one weather entity per forecast mode and also sensors for all available conditions. There are two forecast modes, daily for daily forecast up to 6 days or hourly for an hourly forecast up to 3 days.

For each condition, the following sensors are created:

Condition Description
condition Current weather condition code.
humidity Relative humidity.
pressure Sea-level air pressure in millibars.
rain Rain volume.
rain_probability Probability of rain.
snow Snow volume.
snow_probability Probability of snow.
station_id Closest AEMET station ID.
station_name Closest AEMET station name.
station_timestamp Timestamp of AEMET station data.
storm_probability Probability of storm.
temperature Current temperature.
temperature_feeling Relative temperature.
town_id Closest AEMET town ID.
town_name Closest AEMET town name.
town_timestamp Timestamp of AEMET town data.
wind_bearing Wind bearing.
wind_max_speed Max Wind speed.
wind_speed Wind speed.

Details about the API are available in the AEMET OpenData documentation.