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The Home Assistant Conference is an online event to celebrate the community. It’s where the Home Assistant community will share their ideas, creations and major milestones. The event will take place on December 13, 2020.

The conference will contain three different tracks: everyone, advanced users and developers. For each track we have 5-6 speakers to share their creations, deep-dive into certain topics or share their epic automations.

Paulus Schoutsen, the founder of Home Assistant, will give the opening and closing keynote, aided by other Home Assistant developers.

After the talks, attendees will be able to join various sessions about different topics like automations, Lovelace and Q&A with Home Assistant developers.


The Home Assistant Conference will be hosted on Hopin, an online conference platform. Tickets to attend will cost $1, which will cover the cost of the platform.

Get your ticket

The conference will also be available as a free YouTube live stream. The live stream will be limited to the keynotes and the “everyone” track. You won’t have access to the chat and have that online conference feeling, so we recommend getting a ticket!

To be notified when the live stream is online, visit YouTube and click “Set Reminder”.

Recordings of the keynote and all tracks and sessions will be made available on YouTube after the conference.

Speakers & Schedule

The speakers and talks schedule is currently being finalized. Most of the schedule is complete and listed on our Hopin page.

View the Home Assistant Conference schedule on Hopin