deCONZ Sensor

See the deCONZ main component for configuration instructions.

The following sensor types are supported:

  • Humidity sensor
  • Light level sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Switches
  • Temperature sensor

The entity_id name will be sensor.device_name, where device_name is defined in deCONZ. Switches aren’t exposed as ordinary entities, see the deCONZ main component for more details.

Verified to be supported sensors

  • Humidity Sensor
    • Xiaomi Aqara Humidity/Temperature Sensor
    • Xiaomi MiJia Smart Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • Light Level Sensor
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Switches
    • IKEA Trådfri Wireless Dimmer
    • Philips Hue Motion Sensor
    • IKEA Trådfri Remote
    • Philips Hue Dimmer Switch
    • Xiaomi Cube
    • Xiaomi Aqara Smart Light Switch
    • Xiaomi Aqara Smart Wireless Switch
    • Xiaomi Smart Home Wireless Switch
  • Temperature Sensor
    • Xiaomi Temperature/Humidity Sensor

deCONZ Daylight Sensor

The deCONZ Daylight sensor is a special sensor built into the deCONZ software since version 2.05.12. It is represented in Home Assistant as a sensor called sensor.daylight. The sensor’s state value is a string corresponding to the phase of daylight (descriptions below taken from, on which the deCONZ implementation is based):

Sensor State Description
sunrise_start sunrise (top edge of the sun appears on the horizon)
sunrise_end sunrise ends (bottom edge of the sun touches the horizon)
golden_hour_1 morning golden hour (soft light, the best time for photography)
solar_noon solar noon (sun is in the highest position)
golden_hour_2 evening golden hour
sunset_start sunset starts (bottom edge of the sun touches the horizon)
sunset_end sunset (sun disappears below the horizon, evening civil twilight starts)
dusk dusk (evening nautical twilight starts)
nautical_dusk nautical dusk (evening astronomical twilight starts)
night_start night starts (dark enough for astronomical observations)
nadir nadir (darkest moment of the night, the sun is in the lowest position)
night_end night ends (morning astronomical twilight starts)
nautical_dawn nautical dawn (morning nautical twilight starts)
dawn dawn (morning nautical twilight ends, morning civil twilight starts)

The sensor also has an attribute called “daylight” that has the value true when the sensor’s state is golden_hour_1, solar_noon, or golden_hour_2, and false otherwise.

These states can be used in automations as a trigger (e.g., trigger when a certain phase of daylight starts or ends) or condition (e.g., trigger only if in a certain phase of daylight).