IHC Light

Before you can use the IHC Light platform, you must setup the IHC Component

When auto setup is enabled the following products will be found in the IHC project and setup as light devices:

  • Wireless lamp outlet dimmer
  • Wireless dimmer
  • Wireless combi dimmer 4 buttons
  • Wireless lamp outlet relay
  • Wireless combi relay 4 buttons
  • Wireless mobile dimmer
  • Dataline lamp outlet

To manually configure IHC lights insert this section in your configuration:

  - platform: ihc
      - id: 12345
        name: tablelight
        dimmable: True
      - id: 12346
        name: anotherlight

Configuration Variables


(map)(Optional)List of lights to setup manually


(boolean)(Optional)Set to True if the IHC resource is a light level

Default value: false


(integer)(Required)The IHC resource id.


(string)(Optional)The name of the component

In the example above 12345 is ihc resource id and “tablelight” is the name. The IHC resource id can be a light level for dimmers or a boolean output of a relay. For more information about IHC resource ids see Manual Setup.