IHC Controller integration for Home Assistant allows you to connect the LK IHC controller to Home Assistant. (The controller is sold under other names in different countries - “ELKO Living system” in Sweden and Norway)

An ihc section must be present in the configuration.yaml file and contain the following options:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
   username: admin
   password: mysecret
   auto_setup: True
   info: True

Configuration Variables


(bool)(Optional)True to have IHC products auto setup.


(bool)(Optional)If True additional IHC info will be shown on each component.


(string)(Required)The password for the IHC Controller.


(string)(Required)The URL of the IHC Controller.


(string)(Required)The username for the IHC Controller.

The info option will show the IHC “name”, “note” and “position” attributes. This will make it easier to identify the IHC products within Home Assistant

There is currently support for the following device types within Home Assistant:

Auto setup of IHC products

If the auto setup is enabled, the ihc component will automatically find IHC products and insert these as devices in Home Assistant. To disable this set auto_setup to False. (Auto setup is on by default) See the individual device types for a list of IHC products to be recognized automatically.

Components will get a default name that is a combination of the IHC group and IHC resource id. If you want to change the display names use the Customizing entities

Manual setup

Each device is associated with an IHC resource id. To manually setup components you specify resource ids from the IHC project. (The IHC project is the file you edit/upload to the IHC Controller using LK IHC Visual - or similar program if your controller is not the LK brand). The project file is an XML file and you can view it with any text/XML editor. You can rename it to have the XML extension and use a browser like Chrome or Internet Explorer. The resources are the <airlink_xxx> or <dataline_xxx> eleements. Shown as inputs or outputs of products in the IHC application. You can also use inputs and outputs from function blocks. These are the <resource_input> and <resource_output> elements from the project file.

The IHC resource id should be specified as an integer value. (In the project file the id will be specified as a hex number)

If you want an easier way to get the IHC resource ids, you can download the Alternative Service View application. The application will show the product tree. You can expand it, select inputs and outputs and when selected you can see the resource id.

See the manual of each device type for configuration options.