Introducing the Home Assistant Creator Network!


Hey Everyone! Today we are announcing our new program called the Home Assistant Creator Network! We are super excited to start talking closely with creators to ensure everyone has the best information possible. We are looking to invest in our community and support the effort being put into keeping our users informed. This is a way for Home Assistant to reward these creators that are positively engaging with our users.

Creators in the network First Members of the Creator Network!

What is the Creator Network?

The creator network will be a group of creators that are active and engaged with our community with consistent content that builds the archive for Home Assistant. These creators are creating content for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc. with the goal of helping people use Home Assistant. This can be through tutorials, unbiased product reviews, creating cool stuff and more.

We are looking forward to growing this network to be a group of creators that work together with each other and the Home Assistant Developers. One of the biggest ways we are doing that is monthly calls with the network to discuss releases and upcoming changes.

Visit the Home Assistant Creators Network for more information and how to apply.