Community Highlights: 13th edition


The 13th edition of the Home Assistant Community Highlights! Some interesting things popped up around our community, we thought was worth sharing.

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Blueprint of the week

It has probably happened to everyone, you forget to put the wheelie bin on the street and now you have to wait weeks again before it can be emptied again. There are already various custom integrations where you can keep track of when the pick-up days are. But maybe the Blueprint from westenberg, can also help you to get a notification every time so that you don’t forget it.

It’s a kind of magic

This week we came across another really cool project from redphx that was shared on our subreddit page. A lot of inspiration for those who are still looking for which actions they want to link to their Aqara Magic Cube.

My Aqara Magic Cube setup is a bit different (pet-proof). Details in comment. from r/homeassistant

Retro Record Player

For those who would like to build a media player in a slightly different style in Lovelave, this is really a cool project. Edwin turned it into something very special in the form of an LP record player. How cool is this!? ❤️

On this website you will find all information about this project and how you can build it yourself.

HomeLab monitor dashboard

Still looking for a way how you would like to set up your own system dashboard? Maybe the photo of Akmantainman will give you some inspiration to make your own version of this.

Homelab Monitor Setup from r/homeassistant

Also look in the comments on Reddit, because many people shared their own version on this post already.

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