Starting with 0.31 the updater component sends an optional report about Home Assistant instance.

If you want to opt-in to include integration information, add include_used_components to your configuration. This will allow the Home Assistant developers to focus development efforts on the most popular components.

  include_used_components: true

We are only collecting this information to better understand our user base to provide better long term support and feature development.

Name Description Example Data Source
arch CPU Architecture x86_64 Local Instance
distribution Linux Distribution name (only Linux) Ubuntu Local Instance
docker True if running inside Docker false Local Instance
first_seen_datetime First time instance ID was submitted 2016-10-22T19:56:03.542Z Update Server
geo_city GeoIP determined city Oakland Update Server
geo_country_code GeoIP determined country code US Update Server
geo_country_name GeoIP determined country name United States Update Server
geo_latitude GeoIP determined latitude 37.8047 Update Server
geo_longitude GeoIP determined longitude -122.2124 Update Server
geo_metro_code GeoIP determined metro code 807 Update Server
geo_region_code GeoIP determined region code CA Update Server
geo_region_name GeoIP determined region name California Update Server
geo_time_zone GeoIP determined time zone America/Los_Angeles Update Server
geo_zip_code GeoIP determined zip code 94602 Update Server
last_seen_datetime Most recent time instance ID was submitted 2016-10-22T19:56:03.542Z Update Server
os_name Operating system name Darwin Local Instance
os_version Operating system version 10.12 Local Instance
python_version Python version 3.5.2 Local Instance
timezone Timezone America/Los_Angeles Local Instance
user_agent User agent used to submit analytics python-requests/2.11.1 Local Instance
uuid Unique identifier 10321ee6094d4a2ebb5ed55c675d5f5e Local Instance
version Home Assistant version 0.31.0 Local Instance
virtualenv True if running inside virtualenv true Local Instance

In addition to the above collected data, the server will also use your IP address to do a geographic IP address lookup to determine a general geographic area that your address is located in. To be extremely, extremely clear about this bit: The Home Assistant updater does not: store your IP address in a database and also does not submit the location information from your configuration.yaml.

Our tests showed that at best, we get 4 digits of accuracy on your IP address location which is a 5 mile radius of your actual IP location, assuming that it is even correct in the first place (geo IP lookups are very hit or miss).

The server also adds two timestamps to the data:

  • the original date your instance UUID was first seen
  • the timestamp of the last time we have seen your instance

We will never publicly expose individual gathered data. We might however publish aggregated stats about our user base (example: 70% of all users use Linux). We will never sell or allow the use of this information for non-Home Assistant development purposes.