Vizio SmartCast Device

The vizio integration will allow you to control SmartCast compatible TVs and Sound Bars (2016+ models).

Find your device

Install the command-line tool using pip (or you can choose to download it manually):

$ pip3 install pyvizio


$ pip3 install git+[email protected]


$ pip3 install -I .

Find your device using the following command:

pyvizio --ip=0 discover

and note it’s IP address. If using your IP address by itself does not lead to success, you may need to append :9000 or :7345 to it when using it as a parameter in future commands.


Before adding your device to Home Assistant you may need to pair it manually. For a Sound Bar, it is unclear how the device would notify you of a valid auth token, so it’s best to first skip the pairing process entirely, specify a device_class of soundbar in your configuration, and try interacting with the entity to see if you have any success. If the media player controls aren’t working, and if specifying different ports as mentioned above doesn’t work, you will need to find a way to get the auth token during this process.

To obtain an auth token, follow these steps:

Make sure that your device is on before continuing.

Parameter Description
ip IP address (possibly including port) obtained from the previous section
device_type The type of device you are connecting to. Options are tv or soundbar

Enter the following command to initiate pairing:

$ pyvizio --ip={ip} --device_type={device_type} pair

Initiation will show you two different values:

Value Description
Challenge type Usually it should be "1". If not, use the additional parameter --ch_type=your_type in the next step
Challenge token Token required to finalize pairing in the next step

Finally, at this point a PIN code should be displayed at the top of your TV. With all these values, you can now finish pairing:

$ pyvizio --ip={ip} --device_type={device_type} pair-finish --token={challenge_token} --pin={pin}

You will need the authentication token returned by this command to configure Home Assistant.


To add your Vizio TV to your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: vizio
    host: IP_ADDRESS
    access_token: AUTH_TOKEN

Configuration Variables



IP address of your device.



Authentication token you received in the last step of the pairing process (if applicable).



The class of your device. Your choices are tv or soundbar

Default value:




Set to true to disable self-signed certificate warnings.

Default value:


Notes and limitations

Turning device on

If the Power Mode of your device is set to Eco Mode, turning the device ON won’t work.

Changing tracks

Changing tracks works like channels switching. If you have source other than regular TV it might end do nothing.


Source list shows all external devices connected to the device through HDMI plus list of internal devices (TV mode, Chrome Cast, etc.).