Plex Activity Monitor

The plex sensor platform will monitor activity on a given Plex Media Server. It will create a sensor that shows the number of currently watching users as the state. If you click the sensor for more details it will show you who is watching what.

If your Plex server is on the same local network as Home Assistant, all you need to provide in the configuration.yaml is the host or IP address. If you want to access a remote Plex server, you must provide the Plex username, password, and optionally the server name of the remote Plex server. If no server name is given it will use the first server listed. If you use the username and password, all servers in that account are monitored.

If you don’t know your token, see Finding your account token / X-Plex-Token.

If you want to enable the plex sensor, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: plex

Configuration Variables


(string)(Optional)The IP address of your Plex server.

Default value: localhost


(integer)(Optional)The port of your Plex Server.

Default value: 32400


(string)(Optional)Name of the Plex server.

Default value: Plex


(string)(Optional)The username for the remote Plex server.


(string)(Optional)The password for your given account on the remote Plex server.


(string)(Optional)The name of your remote Plex server.


(string)(Optional)X-Plex-Token of your remote Plex server.


(boolean)(Optional)Use HTTPS to connect to Plex server, NOTE host must not be an IP when this option is enabled.

Default value: false