Trafikverket Camera

Retrieve camera feed from Trafikverket.

The input provided will be used to search for both the name and the location of the camera. See examples and look for your camera here.

When more than one camera has the same name, use the more precise location in your search. Example: If searching for “Hisingsleden”, then use the more detailed location in your search, for example “Hisingsleden norrut”.


Please click here and register to obtain the API key.


To add the Trafikverket Camera integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

Binary sensor

  • Active


  • Active
  • Direction (degree of angle the camera is pointing towards)
  • Modified (date and time when the record last changed)
  • Photo time
  • Photo URL
  • Status
  • Camera type

Additional attributes available on camera

  • Location (placement of camera)
  • Description (free text description)
  • Type (Type of camera)