Asterisk Voicemail

The asterisk_mbox Asterisk Voicemail integration for Home Assistant allows you to view, listen to, and delete voicemails from an Asterisk voicemail mailbox. The integration includes a panel on the frontend that provides caller-id and speech-to-text transcription (using Google’s API) of messages in addition to playback and message deletion. There is also an included sensor that indicates of the number of available messages. There is no requirement that the Asterisk PBX and Home Assistant are running on the same machine.

To enable the integration, a configuration is required in both Home Assistant as well as on the Asterisk server.

First follow the Asterisk PBX configuration guide to setup the necessary server on the Asterisk PBX server (this is needed even if Asterisk and Home Assistant are running on the same server)


Once that is complete, add the following entry configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry

This will add a new ‘Mailbox’ side-panel, as well as a sensor to indicate # of messages available.

Configuration Variables

password string Required

The password that was set during Asterisk PBX configuration

host string Required

The IP-address of the server that is running the Asterisk PBX

port string Required

The port on the Asterisk PBX server that was configured during Asterisk PBX configuration

Communication between the Asterisk PBX server and Home Assistant is password-protected, but the data transmission is not encrypted. It is recommended to only use this integration when communication is contained within a local area network.