Yandex TTS

The yandextts text-to-speech platform uses Yandex SpeechKit Text-to-Speech engine to read a text with natural sounding voices.


To enable text-to-speech with Yandex SpeechKit, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: yandextts
    api_key: THE_API_KEY

Configuration Variables


(string)(Required)The API Key for use this service.


(string)(Optional)The language to use. Supported languages are en-US, ru-RU, uk-UK and tr-TR.

Default value: en-US


(string)(Optional)The audio codec. Supported codecs are mp3, wav and opus.

Default value: mp3


(string)(Optional)The speaker voice. Supported female voices are jane, oksana, alyss, omazh, silaerkan, nastya, sasha, tanya, tatyana_abramova, voicesearch, and zombie. Male voices are zahar, ermil, levitan, ermilov, kolya, kostya, nick, erkanyavas, zhenya, anton_samokhvalov, ermil_with_tuning, robot, dude, and smoky.

Default value: zahar


(string)(Optional)The speaker emotional intonation. Supported emotions are good (friendly), evil (angry) and neutral

Default value: neutral


(float)(Optional)The speech speed. Highest speed is 3 and lowest 0,1

Default value: 1

Please check the API documentation for details. It seems that the English version of documentation is outdated. You could request an API key by email or online.

Full configuration example

The configuration sample below shows how an entry can look like:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: yandextts
    api_key: YOUR_API_KEY
    language: 'ru-RU'
    codec: mp3
    voice: oksana
    emotion: evil
    speed: 2