IKEA Trådfri (Tradfri)

The tradfri component supports for the IKEA Trådfri (Tradfri) gateway. The gateway can control lights connected to it and Home Assistant will automatically discover its presence on your network, if discovery: is present in your configuration.yaml file.

You will be prompted to configure the gateway through the Home Assistant interface. Enter the security key when prompted and click configure.

If you see an “Unable to connect” message, restart the gateway and try again. Don’t forget to assign a permanent IP to your Trådfri gateway.

The Python version 3.4.4 or greater is required for this component. The component will not initialize without this and will report a Could not install all requirements error in the logs.

You can add the following to your configuration.yaml file if you are not using the discovery: component:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  host: IP_ADDRESS

Configuration variables:

  • host (Required): The IP address or hostname of your Trådfri gateway.
  • allow_tradfri_groups (Optional): Set this to false to stop Home Assistant from importing the groups defined on the Trådfri bridge. Defaults to true.

Do not use the api_key variable. The key is only needed once at initial setup.

Please make sure you have autoconf installed (apt-get install autoconf) if you want to use this component. Also, installing some dependencies might take considerable time (>1h) on slow devices. You might have to use sudo when installing autoconf.


  • Firmware updates: After updating the firmware of your Trådfri gateway it might be necessary to repeat the configuration process. If you encounter problems, delete .tradfri_psk.conf, restart Home Assistant, when prompted enter the security key and click configure, just like during initial setup. (Possible errors: Fatal DTLS error: code 115)