The smhi component adds support for the web service as a source for meteorological data for your location.


The SMHI weather service is free under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0, international license. Weather data will be pulled once every 30 minutes.

To add SMHI weather forecast to your installation, go to the Integrations page inside the config panel and add a location by providing the longitude and latitude of your location.

If the location is configured in Home Assistant, it will be selected as the default location. After that, you can add additional locations.

You can only add locations through the integrations page, not in configuration files.

Only location close to Sweden can be added. See area for more details what locations are supported.

Configuration Variables


(number)(Optional)Manually specify latitude.

Default value: Provided by Home Assistant configuration


(number)(Optional)Manually specify longitude.

Default value: Provided by Home Assistant configuration


(string)(Optional)Name to use in the frontend.

Default value: Home

Details about the API are available in the SMHI API documentation.