FinTS Sensor

With the FinTS sensor, you can fetch your account information from your bank. This only works with banks that support the FinTS (aka. HBCI) standard. The FinTS standard used by many German banks. So if you do not have a German bank account, this will most likely not work for you. To find out if your bank supports FinTS, check the bank’s website or call their hotline.

For each account you have with the bank, a separate sensor is created. If you have several accounts with a bank, you can select which ones you want to have, and you can also give the accounts a name.

# Example configuration.yaml entry
 - platform: fints
    bank_identification_number: <for your bank>
    username: <your FinTS user name>
    pin: <your FinTS pin>
    url: <FinTS url of your bank>

To find out the configuration for your bank, check their website or call their hotline. Do not use random information you find on the Internet! As you’re storing your bank account information in the Home Assistant configuration: make sure that this configuration is not accessible to anyone.

Configuration Variables


(map)(Required)List of your sensors.


(string)(Optional)(optional) name of the bank.


(string)(Required)Bank identification number, in most cases the “Bankleitzahl”.


(string)(Required)Your FinTS username.


(string)(Required)Your FinTS PIN or password.


(string)(Required)URL of your bank’s FinTS server.


(list)(Optional)(optional) You can configure with of the accounts of your bank shall be shown in Home Assistant. If this attribute is set, only the accounts listed here are shown.


(string)(Required)For balance accounts use the IBAN of the account for holdings accounts use the classic account number.


(string)(Optional)(optional) Use this field to give the account a meaningful name.