Ruter Public Transport

The API used for this sensor is shutting down soon, you should consider starting to use the entur_public_transport sensor before that happen. To read the deprecation warning visit,

The ruter sensor will provide you departure information for the larger Oslo area in Norway from the Ruter public transportation service.

This platform is using the Ruter reisapi API to gather the information.

To find the stop_id you need to visit the Ruter site and search for your stop. In the URL after you have searched, there will be an ID right after the Stoppested/ in a format like this (2190400), the numbers there is what you need to put in the stop_id: configuration option.

Add the data to your configuration.yaml file as shown in the example:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: ruter
    stop_id: STOPID

Configuration Variables



The stop id for the stop you want to monitor.



A destination name to show only departures that has this as the final stop.



An offset for the next departure, 0 will give the first one.

Default value:




Name of the sensor.

Default value: